CoolWebsites.net is the website arm of AdminAdvice.com Admin Advice is a blog website set up in 2016 to be the “go to” website for people considering starting a business, those running a small business and those employed within the management and administration areas of business.

Created by Colin Provis, a retired accountant, the objective of Admin Advice has been to research and report on quality goods and services which are available to the self employed and businesses at competitive prices. In addition Colin has added articles on bookkeeping, accounting, business planning, budgeting, regular management accounts and websites for starter businesses.


Free On-Line Bookkeeping

One of the early services reviewed on Admin Advice was from Pandle, a bookkeeping system being developed by UK accountants whose mission was to make bookkeeping as simple and straightforward as possible for small business owners. The system is MTD (Making Tax Digital) compliant and in early 2021 the number of users reached 50,000 with accounts in 167 countries. Pandle provide a free version and for those requiring more options their paid version is only £5 + VAT per month.

Create Your Own Websites

Back in 2015 Colin was predicting the time would come when everyone could create their own websites. WordPress was gaining momentum and there were themes and plugins being created to make site building easier. It is now said that with the many thousands of themes and plugins available, you can achieve almost anything with WordPress.

Whilst page builders have provided a service towards building one’s own websites, the results have lacked a lot of flexibility and problems have been encountered by many. The introduction of the WordPress Blocks editor has finally given us all the chance to take full control of our websites and create unique websites that we can update and manage as and when necessary.


For complete flexibility with WordPress you would need to purchase the premium and pro versions of a theme and plugins.

Quality hosting is essential. The reviews of some hosting companies on TrustPilot will reveal the problems you may encounter with inadequate hosting. Insist on Managed WordPress Hosting with added security, daily backups, prompt support and quality servers. Many hosts quote prices for minimum periods of one, two or even three years, and after an initial discount period the costs are likely to be upwards from £15 a month. Most will require an initial lump sum payment covering the period chosen.

Hosting from the Site Rubix platform is available on a monthly fee with no obligation to continue.

The Highest Quality

We concentrate on quality goods and services available at competitive prices. Creating a Website with WordPress has become far easier since the transfer by WordPress to their Block Editor, and of course, having total control of your website is increasingly important.

All of the websites we provide are created on the Site Rubix platform, the most simplistic, yet advanced platform in the industry, leveraging the WordPress framework.
We include Premium and Pro versions of a theme and plugins.
Our Managed WordPress Hosting is on the latest, most powerful servers in the world through Amazon Hosting.
There are added layers of security and our websites benefit from full redundancy.

Full redundancy means the servers are at all times running “mirrored” versions of our websites, so if one goes down, the other will go live. This is incredibly expensive to implement and to operate, but this is a service you will receive.

Available To All

We are able to offer this unbeatable quality package – theme, plugins, hosting and support – at incredible prices. No lengthy contracts and no hiking up prices. There is a package for those wishing to learn to create websites and a “ready-to-go” option for those ready to launch a website.

£24.95 per month is the maximum, all inclusive expenditure

Package details are included on our Facilities page.