Wealthy Affiliate -Training For Everyone


Advise your prospective employer that you are receiving on-going training in administration subjects. You have taken a short course on bookkeeping basics, through to trial balance stage and preparing a profit and loss account. (via

You have access to training in Sage Accounts, QuickBooks Online, Xero and KashFlow.

Additionally you have the facilities and have been trained to build and host websites in WordPress with further training covering both online SEO and local SEO, video creation, running a YouTube channel, blogging, social media platforms, affiliate marketing, e-commerce and more. (via Wealthy Affiliate)

You may find your knowledge, or the knowledge you have access to, can be more up to date that that of the “experts” currently advising businesses. Your training is from experts who run their own successful businesses and advise what is currently working and what doesn’t.


Continuing to learn during retirement has a positive health benefit. There are also many ways of supplementing your retirement incomes online.

You will gain knowledge you can share with members of your family. You will also be in a position to build and host websites for members who, perhaps, are joining the ever growing numbers running a side-hustle (a small business alongside their main employment).

Research shows that the majority of young people intend to have their own business at some time and your help and advice can be invaluable.


A website can display items or photographs from your hobby or pastime. It can also display your creativity should you be making or designing products or websites. You may wish to commence your own blog.


Surveys show a high proportion of young people intend to have their own business at some time. Our tuition includes important pre-business preparations including compiling a business plan, a promotional plan and a marketing plan.

Opportunities often arise when least expected and being prepared in advance enables you to evaluate the circumstances and plan the way to proceed. Every business should have a website, so making website creation a priority will open up additional opportunities. More than twenty earnings opportunities are covered within the training.


These days a business is expected to have a website, showcasing it’s services and products. A website name (domain name) can become a valuable asset of your business – will you be trading under your own name or creating your own brand name?

My first domain was I let that expire and immediately saw it put up for sale for $600. Meaningful domain names of two words such as CoolWebsites and AdminAdvice can become valuable brand names.

The most valued extension is .com, followed by .net and .org, so I suggest you explore the possibility of a .com domain being available that relates to your line of business. Choosing your business name only to find that domain name is not available would be a mistake.

A .com domain name will cost about $15 a year, purchasing in advance can be an investment.

The Wealthy Affiliate training will provide you with the tools, support and training to build your own websites and they will include WordPress Managed Hosting for TEN websites, all inclusive (the advanced build platform, leading hosting and support, training and inclusion to a worldwide community in excess of 1.4 million members) for $49 a month ($99 a month to include hosting of FIFTY websites).

You will be able to build your websites and adjust or extend the content at any time. Whereas having one website built and hosted for you could cost $1,500+

Receive your first ten lessons free and by lesson 4 you will have built your first website.