A large number of small businesses have been drawn to the website builders that use templates to build their websites. Builders such as WIX, Weebly, Webnode, Squarespace, Jimbo, 1&1 Ionis, GoDaddy, Site 123 and many others. WIX and Weebly between them have 150 million users. They have attracted business with their low entry costs and variety of templates for ease of creation.

WordPress.org has now entered the template arena through it’s conversion to the WordPress Block Editor. WordPress is by far the most popular content management system and template libraries are being established for WordPress website builders.

The huge advantage WordPress Blocks have over other builders that use templates is the integration of the vast range of established WordPress widgets. WordPress flexibility has not been compromised

Many within the industry are now asking whether the non-Wordpress “page builders” will survive given the added competition and the fact that Google is favouring fast loading times.

Websites For All – Fantastic Opportunity

Most on-line and off-line businesses need a website and flexibility is now the foremost requirement. Personal websites are also growing in popularity – it may be preferable to direct a potential employer etc. to your personally constructed website rather than having them searching you on Facebook etc.

People of all ages want to learn to build websites and publish articles or share their expertise and hobbies in all subjects. There is a huge new market plus the expectation that many will transfer to WordPress from the other template builders. An already proven global opportunity. Take inspiration from other websites and develop your own design talents (or those of your family).

We have shown on this website that anyone can build a top quality website with the very best hosting for extremely competitive prices.

There is now the opportunity for you to provide websites for others. Just two websites returning say £25 a month each will fully cover the Premium training from a technology company that has been in business since 2003 and is now expanding to provide income opportunities for all of us. The Premium entry includes the hosting facilities for 10 websites, the level of security and facilities are comparable to hosting costing upwards of £100 per month

Site Rubix And Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate was created in 2003 as a keyword search tool, with owner Kyle at that time taking months to create websites with code, and owner Carson controlling the hardware and development side of the business.

Over the years the technology side of the business – the Site Rubix platform – has not just grown with technological advancement but has been a leader, ahead of the field. Admin Advice have been a member since 2014 and have witnessed their progress. They have been recognised by the Canadian Government for their Advancement in Scientific Research and Development.

Wealthy Affiliate now host multi-million dollar businesses and many developers have joined their community to gain mutual expertise.

The affiliate marketing expertise has built into an in depth course covering close to twenty subjects each of which could be developed into a full-time income.

There is a free starter entry to Wealthy Affiliate during which you will be able to build your first website on the simplistic yet powerful Site Rubix platform. You will be able to explore the power of the community platforms, the tutorials including weekly hour-long videos, and the hosting of ten websites provided with the Premium level entry at $495 a year or $49 per month. Premium Plus+ is a new addition to provide us with further earnings opportunities as the on-line business arena expands. Premium Plus+ includes five videos each week, the Premium version of Jaaxy keyword tool and the hosting for fifty websites, available at $995 a year or $99 per month.