Quick Start

The recently introduction of the WordPress Block Editor has provided an opportunity to build WordPress websites at price ranges to compete with all alternative builds available. Our “Quick Start” websites serve a dual purpose. The website can be the main website for a business, personal website etc. OR be the tools you need for learning to build a stunning WordPress website.

There are four components to our websites:

  • WordPress is the content management system (CMS). WordPress.org accounts for 64% of all CMS built websites on the internet – nearly 10 times the second placed CMS.
  • A theme is a preset package that contains the graphical appearance and functionality of your website.
  • Plugins are items of software that act as add-ons to extend the functionality of your website.
  • Hosting is required to store your website files and a host will allocate space on a web server, storing your website and making it available for viewing online.

The WordPress.org CMS is free. Themes and plugins often have a free version with Premium or Pro versions available at a cost, providing access to further functionality. We always recommend Managed WordPress Hosting to include daily backups, a high level of security and many other features. Generally with hosting you get what you pay for and good hosting is critical to keep your website (business) running.


The “Quick Start” website provided will include all of the pro and premium versions of the theme and plugins, included are:

  • The premium version of the Generate Press theme
  • The pro version of the plugin Generate Blocks
  • The pro version on the plugin Elementor
  • Premium Managed WordPress Hosting which is also included with our Digital Skills Tuition and Online Business World Tuition and includes:
  • Hosting Speed – Amazon c3.large (faster)
  • Website Space – 30GB
  • Bandwidth included – 500,000 Visitors/Month
  • Data Transfer – Unlimited
  • Daily Website Backups
  • SSL Certificate
  • Full Redundancy
  • Enterprise Security
  • Bot Net Security

To purchase these yourself for inclusion on a single website would cost circa £480 a year. As the developers of these websites we purchase the pro and premium versions with the right to use on several hundreds of websites, enabling us to provide a package unequalled in the industry at anywhere close to our price.