Building Your Own Quality Websites Has Never Been Easier

Website Building Has Been Transformed

This service has been created following the introduction of the WordPress Block Editor, which has gained worldwide acclaim and is now the choice for website creation


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Why WordPress?

With WordPress You Can Do Just About Anything!

The future in website building is undoubtedly with WordPress. In 2021, 64% of all Content Management System built websites on the internet are WordPress – about 10 times the second placed system!

This platform, the fastest growing for the last 8 years, is now set to knock out much of the competition having developed and moved entirely to their block editor. The WordPress block editor is the ultimate system for those wishing to build their own websites (or build websites for others).

There are many experts adding to the content options within WordPress. They have developed 4,000 themes to choose from and 55,000 plugins which enable our websites to achieve just about anything. The block editor is seeing the creation of template libraries which will include pre-built websites, individual pages, singular blocks such as headings, footers, adding videos and much more.

Our opinion is the current “template builders” such as WIX, GoDaddy and many more will be left standing – they lack a lot of the flexibility of WordPress. Adding the leading hosting we recommend provides overall build and hosting costs at competitive pricing for superior products (the level of hosting alone for ten websites would cost £80 – £140 per month elsewhere).

Take Control of Your Website

We can build you a website, but much prefer to provide you with the tools, security, tuition and support to build and have full control of your own websites. All of our options for WordPress built websites include the very highest levels of security and Managed WordPress Hosting. With the skills you learn you will be able to build professional websites for blogging, business websites, portfolios, forums, clubs, e-commerce sites, personal websites for self-promotion and many more.

Quick Start

A “build-it-yourself” option for those requiring a WordPress website.

Build a stunning business or personal website with WordPress – no experience required. You have full control of the design and all content which you can develop to the highest professional level.

Everything you need is included and everything provided is at the premium/pro level – theme, domains, plugins and hosting. They would cost you close to £270 in the first year and up to £430 per year once the discount period has ended.

And remember, WordPress is much more flexible than those website builders that advertise on TV and on your computer screens. They compete for business amongst themselves. WordPress is far more popular, and the WordPress Block editor is the future.






Everything you need to create a website to YOUR requirements.

SSL Certification, Daily Backups, Intricately Secure WordPress Managed Hosting

on the latest and most powerful servers in the world through Amazon Hosting

Over the years individuals and businesses have sought websites that:

  • Are affordable
  • Are of the highest quality, secure and flexible in design
  • Can be easily up-dated and expanded
  • Can have additional pages added
  • Can add new functionality e.g. on-line sales

Websites that will be a tool for the business for many years to come.

How We Achieve These Requirements

The Content Management System (CMS) we utilise is WordPress – the world leader and incredibly flexible. Let us show you how easy the Blocks Website Building is.

We have chosen the Premium version of Generatepress together with Generate Blocks Pro version. Generatepress is amongst the fastest loading builders and a must for bloggers. The Generate Blocks Pro version is a favourite for builders looking to achieve higher rankings within Google.

Hosting Your Websites Securely

All of our websites benefit from Premium Managed WordPress Hosting. You can continue with the “training” website or, when you are ready for a website with your own chosen domain name, we will provide you with that website and hosting for just £24.95 per month.

The websites we give you access to have no content. You will learn to add the pages, the navigation (menu), logo, header, footer and your chosen items of content (text, images, icons, photos, animation, links, videos and many more options).

What Your Learning Involves

The WordPress Block Editor is a recent transformation and has been championed worldwide. With GenerateBlocks Pro we concentrate on just six blocks, easily mastered within the two months’ free training period.

We provide documented tuition in addition to recommended YouTube tutorials which will be the basis of your learning – effectively you copy what they show on the videos for the areas of content that you intend to include. Additionally there are a lot of ready to add templates which you can import into your website and change the content to suit you.

We provide you with additional information and tips which will help you make sensational websites. Because you are in full control, you are not under pressure to design the perfect, forever, website straight away. There is a right time to hire website designers – and it’s not when you are just starting out with your business. Good design works – but ONLY if your business works. Your website design only has to be good enough – for now. Build out your website and make improvements over time.


The Online Business World

The online business world changes rapidly as search engines change, as the techniques and strategies for building a business change, and as technology rapidly progresses. Keep ahead of the competition by receiving continuing education from those actually working in the sector, advising what works today and what will work tomorrow.

Training For Internet Entrepreneurs

There are a number of ways to make money online. The tutorials we feature are from a technology company whose goal is to have the best and most current training in the world for internet entrepreneurs. There is no value like this online, and won’t ever be a value that comes close to the Online Business World package.






Hosting for
c. £39 Per Month



Hosting for
c. £78 Per Month


Receive ten lessons free and by lesson 4 you will have built your website. You will receive an introduction to all the tools, hosting and added security that is included within the Digital Skills Tuition package.

There are a number of Digital Skills included within this tuition, each of which could lead to a full time income. An hour long video class is added each week in the Digital Skills Tuition option. Five videos are added each week in the Online Business World option. The website platform we have access to is the most sophisticated and secure website platform in the industry, leveraging the WordPress framework. Hosting will be on the latest, most powerful servers in the world through Amazon Hosting.

Read about our six years’ experience with Wealthy Affiliate, the company behind this training. They helped over 200,000 people start their first business in 2019.

The video tuition is in addition to the structured online classes. One hour long videos are provided within the Digital Skills Tuition (Premium) option every week. Many of the courses will run to four or more weeks (four hours plus of tuition).

The following selection demonstrates the variety of subjects included within a twelve month period to June 2021. All past video courses are available to watch at any time.


Components that Make a Well Designed Website; Choosing an Effective Theme; Aligning Colours and Typography; Building Amazing Landing Pages; Adding Call to Action Elements


eCommerce 101 – Starting Out; Choosing Products for Your eCommerce Website; Promoting Your eCommerce Business; Running Ads for eCommerce; SEO Research; On Page SEO; Off Page SEO; Technical SEO


Core Metrics of Ranking a Local Business Website; On-Page Local SEO Metrics; Building Online Reviews for Local Businesses; Understanding Local Business Citations


Getting Started with the Blocks Editor; Building Awesome Tables in the Block Editor; Building a Post from Scratch with Block Editor; Writing a Review Post in Block Editor


Introduction to Video Creation and Editing; Creating High Quality Video Content (The Set-up); Structuring Your Videos for High Watch Rates; Working with Live Video and Webinars


Tracking Progress with NEW Google Analytics; Reading the Data within the NEW Google Analytics; Setting Goals in NEW Google Analytics; Analysing In Depth Analytic Goals

E-MAIL Marketing (5 videos)

Email Marketing Funnel Concepts; Building High Converting Capture Pages; Content Creation Ideas for Email Marketing; Managing Follow-up Sequences; Evergreen Email Marketing Strategies that Work